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Virtual Gastric Band Program

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Are you tired of yo-yo dieting? Fed up with depriving yourself of certain food groups? Are you lacking confidence and self esteem as a result of your weight? Then this program is for you! Using the power of hypnosis, you can take charge of all this and more. Transforming your relationship with food and your body and achieving steady, sustainable weight loss WITHOUT dieting. The Virtual Gastric Band got a 95% success rate in clinical trials. Benefits of the Virtual Gastric Band Digital Program • Naturally reduce food intake, no injections, no pills • Gain control over food choices, portions and exercise habits • Clear the reasons that could be hampering your success • Lose weight and keep it off • Wear the kind of clothes you want to wear • Improve health and wellbeing • Feel comfortable in your own skin • Let go of cravings and urges • Self-paced course means you can fit it into any schedule What’s included: • The Virtual Gastric Band Recording • Evening and morning daily audios • Emotional release audio • Exercise motivation audio • An audio to help make healthy food choices • Drink More Water audio • Weight release visualisation • Stop Emotional Eating audio • Plus, many more audios with helpful techniques to overcome “head hunger” • 3 x Bonuses to help with pain, sleep and stress. • Handouts to refer to during the program • 40% discount for a one-to-one online session with Leanne

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