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Clearing Implicit Memories From the Body Mind

We all have explicit and implicit memories. Explicit memories are memories that we can remember and access in our memory fairly easily. Implicit memories are stored in the body mind and are as a result of an incomplete trauma response (most often we are unaware of what the memory is). Trauma is the way our body and nervous system respond to an outside stimulus (note it's the response to an event, not the actual event itself that causes the trauma). If you reject, recoil or are overwhelmed by events, then they are prevented from coming to their full completions.

So how do you know if you have implicit memories? My guess is most of us will have, some more than others and those who have done some inner work will probably have cleared a lot, but there can be many layers! If you have an overreaction to an incident in your present reality, then it is likely that you are responding that way because you have an implicit memory that needs to be cleared and the emotions from that event, released. Other ways implicit memories may show up is chronic pain and other long term ailments. Please note I am not a doctor and cannot prescribe or diagnose, and I would never suggest that you stop getting the medical care you need, however if something is niggling, it may just be that there is a past event that needs to be cleared to allow the body to naturally heal, as it does so elegantly.

When we have these implicit memories, there is usually an initial trigger that sets off a physical reaction/feeling, but what the brain does is constantly scans for threats when this feeling has been triggered, so over time it can add many more triggers to this feeling, and as a result one can become quite sensitive to so many things without even being aware of what's going on, since this all happens below the level of conscious awareness. With hypnosis we work with the subconscious mind and are able to clear the emotions from the past much more easily.

I had a recent experience with this, as a hypnotherapist we are required to do supervision and ongoing education, and on a recent weekend workshop I learnt a fabulous technique that deals with releasing the implicit memory (and emotions attached to it) by completing the arousal/trauma cycle. Trauma does not necessarily mean that something really awful happened to you, the simple act of taking a toy away from a child can be perceived as traumatic to a young child. Sometimes though, it's something more traumatic or stressful and the beauty of this technique is that I don't need to know the details! So we work completely content free, and you definitely don't relive the trauma! In my swap session with a colleague, I worked on my long standing lower back pain, not expecting much to happen I was quite astounded when my lower back started to feel so much freer, looser and more comfortable. And the wonderful thing is, still over a week later it is still feeling good!

If you would like to clear some baggage from your past get in touch today!

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