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Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy _ Auckland - S

Improved Confidence

& Self Esteem

  • Is there a part of you that feels like people don’t want to hear the things you have to say?

  • Or maybe you feel less clever, not as important or just simply not good enough?

  • Are your career prospects limited because you do not have the self-belief and confidence that other people seem to literally ooze out of their skin?





Self confidence is such a buzz word, but what does it really mean?


To me, real self confidence is knowing who you really are, beyond your identification with your body, your career, your bank balance, the type of house you live on or car you drive or any of the other ego identifications we have. Wouldn’t it be nice to just feel confident without having to be a certain way or do any particular thing? Well it is! This is REAL self-confidence.

So how do you get it?


Well, you don’t… BE it. When we’re caught up in the mind judging others and ourselves, self-confidence and self-love become conditions based. You begin to rely too heavily on the opinions of your mind and/or opinions of others about how you should be. You then only feel lovable and okay when certain criteria are met.

True confidence and self-love comes from an acceptance of who and what you are, right now, warts and all. By letting go of limiting beliefs that feed this “I’m not okay” way of being, you will move into your natural, inherent self-confidence. There are also many techniques I can teach you for using in the moment to get in touch with that confident part of you, as well as becoming at peace with who you are, and how you are, right now.

3 session program $440 (10% discount for online sessions)

Individual sessions - first session $195

Follow ups - $150

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