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Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy _ Auckland -Em


  • Do you have a busy mind?

  • Are you missing out on the experience of life because you’re caught up in the thinking mind half time?





A Harvard study found that many people were lost in the thinking mind 47% of the day. That’s almost half the day, and…. half our lives that we are potentially missing out on!

You see, we often have this belief that we need to change, fix or improve something in order to have the peace, joy or contentment that we are looking for. We erroneously believe that the only way to achieve those states of being is to do more and have more. Deep down we hold the belief that we are not enough just as we are, and something outside of ourselves is needed in order to be at peace.

The mind tends to operate from a place of lack, limitation, control, judgement and resistance. When we can wake up to who we really are and become consciously aware during daily life, we have the opportunity to experience clarity, wellness, connection, serenity and all of the good stuff!

Mind Calm helps you to heal your relationship with your mind by being consciously aware and engaging present moment awareness. You don’t need to fix, change or improve your thoughts, emotions or life in order to enjoy peace (one day in the distant future). By practicing Mind Calm you can experience fulfilment, confidence, aliveness and purpose from the moment you start using the techniques. Right now.

Mind Calm meditation is the meditation practice you’ve been looking for! No rituals, no uncomfortable sitting positions just a simple and very easy to learn process to enjoy more calm, success and wellness.

Mind Calm training is available in two different ways:

  • As a 3 session coaching program in which we also address and resolve the possible hidden causes of any challenges you’re facing (whether they be emotional or physical) and you have one-to-one tuition in the techniques. (3 session program $495)

  • As a one day workshop alongside others where you will still learn the same techniques and get all the benefit from the meditation. You can register your interest for my one day workshop by sending an email to .

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