Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy

  • Worried about how smoking is impacting your health?

  • Are you setting a bad example for your children?

  • Do you never have the money to buy the things you want?





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Smoking is a strange habit, most people start knowing that it is a bad habit and not good for their health, so why do some start? The answers to this will be different for everyone and in our sessions we will examine your reasons for starting as well as your reasons for wanting to quit.

By identifying your reasons for starting in the first place we can find other healthy behaviours that can give you the same outcome should these still be important to you. In many cases they are not, we start for reasons like wanting to fit in, looking cool or pure and simple rebellion! By making changes at the level of values, beliefs and purpose the results are much more permanent.

With the help of hypnosis and NLP, quitting smoking is a whole lot easier! Of course, one still has to take action by not smoking so 100% commitment is required from the client. Think of your reasons for wanting to quit? Is it because someone else wants you to? Or you feel that you probably should, but secretly really don’t want to? Then you’re probably not ready. When the individual is absolutely ready, 100% committed then a one or two session stop smoking package can help you to break the habit, identify triggers and reinforce the belief that you are now a non-smoker. As with any habit it can take 4 weeks for the new habits (and neural pathways!) to really stick so a personalised recording is made for each client to listen to at home (usually not more than 10 minutes long) which further reinforce the changes made in the session.

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