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Hypnosis is both a state of mind and a process - a process of inducing a trance state. We all go in and out of trance many times in a day without realising it. For example the lovely space between wake and sleep or driving somewhere arriving at your destination without remembering the trip. Or have you ever been watching TV and "disappeared" somewhere in your mind without even closing your eyes? The subconscious mind has taken over, it is that part of our minds that runs the show, so to speak. The part of our minds that makes up 95% of our capacity and holds all our memories, everything we've ever experienced, seen, heard, touched, tasted and so on.


It's in this subconscious part of our minds that old unhelpful beliefs are stored and acted upon without our conscious awareness. We may wonder why we react a certain way, or hold negative beliefs about ourselves or why we have certain fears or phobias. Hypnotherapy induces this trance state to access that part of our minds that we can't do with our conscious, analytical minds getting in the way and by so doing helping people to move towards their goals, desires, health and wholeness.

Hypnosis uses imagination and focus to access the subconscious mind and in this state one can make empowering changes that open new doors of possibility in all areas of our lives. You, the client is at all times in control of the process, the Hypnotherapist is the facilitator helping YOU to remove the blocks holding you back. Everyone is a good subject for hypnosis and there are as many ways of going into trance as there are people, it's all about finding what works for the individual. Another way to look at it is - hypnosis is the facilitation of naturally occurring phenomena (daydream state/trance) that we amplify through the use of direction and suggestion.

Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy _ Auckland - N

To put it another way - It's a natural process in which your mind is more receptive to positive suggestion and insights and releasing negative feelings.

It's your mind's ability to rapidly integrate new skills, strategies, and strengths. It's important to note that no one can be hypnotised against their will or made to do or believe things that would be harmful or embarrassing. There are no harmful side effects and the use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be used to assist with a wide variety of problems and to help people make positive changes to help transform one’s life.

In the relaxed state of hypnosis our mind is open to receiving positive suggestions in alignment with our goals and desires. It’s important to note that everyone will experience hypnosis differently, and however it happens for is just the perfect way for you!

When we learn something new, or a positive suggestion has been made to our subconscious minds, a new neural connection is made in the brain. And like any new thing – a path in the forest even- it needs repetition, to be “walked” many times to strengthen it and make it a clear path and so do our neurons need to “walked” many times to strengthen those connections so that over time this will become a new unconscious behaviour or state.

For this reason part of your hypnotherapy session will include a personalised recording for you to listen to at home, helping to make these changes you’ve achieved in your session to stick. As with anything new, at first it may feel awkward, uncomfortable or even wrong, but over time this will become second nature. 

Functions of the Unconscious (or subconscious) Mind

  • Stores and organises memories and makes associations between memories (links similar things together)

  • Represses memories with unresolved negative emotions (people usually do this by keeping busy)

  • Presents repressed memories for “resolution” or may keep the repressed emotions repressed for protection

  • Runs the body, all the unconscious processes that keep us alive

  • It is the domain of emotions

  • Enjoys serving and needs clear orders to follow

  • Maintains instinct and generates habits

  • Needs repetition until habit is installed

  • Is programmed to continually seek more and more

  • It is symbolic, it responds to and uses symbols

  • Takes everything personally

  • Works on the principal of least effort – the path of least resistance

  • Does not process negatives – you cannot not think about something without thinking about it first (don’t think of a pink elephant!)

  • It is the centre for creativity

Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy _ Auckland - N
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