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Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy | Auckland - Insomnia & Sleep Issues 2

Overcoming Insomnia and Stress with Hypnotherapy

  • Are you stress levels out of control?

  • Do you struggle to sleep at night?

  • Is your health suffering as a result of stress, lack of sleep or both?




This is an area I am passionate about helping clients with – and the reason is, I’ve been there myself! So I know, first hand how absolutely awful it can be to not sleep well, or not all in some cases. My Sleep Well and Stress Less programme has been built on what actually works! I have numerous NLP and hypnosis techniques to teach you as well as discovering exactly what your triggers are. Book your free discover session today!

Many times sleep problems are just due to a very busy mind, stress and/or bad habits that have been “programmed” in, like a faulty computer programme. By using hypnotherapy and the other techniques I offer gives us a way to access the subconscious and change these ingrained habits, creating good sleeping habits and better health.

Sometimes it can be a deeper issue that needs to be released, and sometimes it may be indicative of a health concern that may need investigation or a dietary change required.

Most people who have sleep issues will have done much research and know the negative impact on our health and well-being due to lack of sleep, so I don’t feel the need to repeat that information here, and anyway, from my own experience I didn’t find reading about how bad it was for me to not sleep very helpful at all, I certainly didn’t feel like I was doing it by choice! (or was I?!)

At the worst point I was averaging about 2 hours sleep a night, feeling awful the next day, struggling to cope with just doing the most simple of activities. As a result my massage business, which was my full time occupation at the time, suffered hugely as I had to turn many clients away due to just not having the energy to see them.

This is when I made a conscious choice to not let this issue get the better of me. I researched everything I could about the subject, had numerous visits to doctors for sleeping aids, which they eventually refused to give me any more, tried every technique under the sun, practiced sleep hygiene and so on. I became an expert in sleep issues (which of course exacerbated the problem with all the focus on it). A dear friend and fellow hypnotherapist even suggested that it was maybe just another project I felt I needed to have in my life, which may have been the case, who knows!!

After practising much self hypnosis and employing NLP techniques alongside this, I eventually got my sleep under control, and now, I sleep well! So I am passionate about getting to the cause of peoples sleep issues, I want everyone to experience restorative, deep sleep and have a variety of sleep hypnosis techniques to help people with.

If you have sleep and anxiety issues, give me a call to discuss how I can help you with the Quantum Leap Sleep Programme.

3 session program $440 (10% discount online)

Individual sessions - first session $195

Follow ups - $150

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