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Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy | Auckland - Weight Loss 2
  • How many times have you lost weight and put it back on (plus some!?)

  • Fed up of feeling sluggish and uncomfortable?

  • Has your self esteem plummeted as a result of your weight gain?



At Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy I believe in creating lasting change, and weight loss is one area that most people who have been yo-yo dieters seem to struggle with.

I offer a comprehensive program that not only looks at changing habits and behaviours but also WHY these habits were created in the first place. We work on all levels, from behaviour to values, uncovering your limiting beliefs, stopping the self sabotage and creating new empowering beliefs and behaviours. Using different methods and techniques you can discover the root cause reason for your weight problems and shed that excess weight for good!

The Virtual Gastric Band Program developed by Sheila Granger from the UK, is the only gastric band program that has undertaken clinical trials , with an impressive 95% success rate in these trials. It is a is a 4 session weight reduction program which helps clients reduce their weight easily and effortlessly, run over a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

No invasive surgery, no risk, and definitely no dieting, just steady weight reduction. Contact us today to find out more about the Virtual Gastric Band program. At the moment sessions are available with Leanne, our Hypnotherapist on a 1:1 basis, with group sessions starting soon. Leanne is a Shelia Granger certified practitioner, an
d Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind Detox Coach, Psych-K facilitator and NLP Practitioner. 

"My own experience with dieting and weight control started way back in my teens, yo-yo dieting most of my life, always on to the "next best diet", counting calories, restricting what I ate and so on, name it, and I've probably tried it! I have finally come to realise that even the healthiest of diets can provide too many calories, which, if not burnt off through exercise, turn to fat. The key for me has been portion control, no deprivation, just smaller quantities." - The virtual gastric band programme does just that - no deprivation, no cooking separate meals, no feeling unsociable because you're "on a diet", just smaller quantities of all the foods you love.

Part of the programme includes motivation for exercise, any exercise of your choice, as this can often be a contributing factor in speeding up our weight reduction and of course fitness. It covers cravings, snacking, eating when you're not hungry, water intake...basically everything that has an impact on our weight management is covered in this programme. And since we are working with our very powerful subconscious minds in hypnosis, it works so much better than just using willpower alone. Since the subconscious mind believes that the stomach is smaller it is satisfied on smaller quantities of food.

The programme also works with body image, an important part of any weight reduction programme. Studies have shown that by hating our bodies and feeling guilty every time we eat something we “shouldn’t”  actually slows down the digestive process and we cannot burn fat as effectively. If you’re over all the dieting and deprivation and are ready to commit to making some changes then this is the programme for you.

Since I am also trained as a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Adviser, I can also, if you choose, help you make healthier choices over time and recommend effective exercising so there is no need to spend hours trying to achieve what can be done in a shorter period, making it easier to fit into your schedule.

$590 for 4 sessions. Initial session is 90 minutes, follow ups are between 45 and 60 minutes. Available in person or on zoom. (10% discount for zoom sessions)

Hypnotherapy and Virtual Gastric Band for Weight Loss





Join us on this highly successful, popular programme, now available as a group. The benefits of joining a group are: Meeting others in the same position as yourself; group support; making new friends and a wonderful $100 discount off the regular price. Fees are payable in full before the programme commences, and it is required that you attend each session. 

Spaces are strictly limited to 4 participants, ensuring plenty of 1:1 attention.

Timings are 7pm to approximately 9pm for the first session, thereafter 7pm to 8.30pm for the remaining sessions. 

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