Break the Cycle of Depression with Hypnotherapy

  • Do you feel like you need help to lift your mood?

  • Have you perhaps even tried anti-depressants and they’re not working?

  • Can you even remember what it is like to feel happy?



I can help you! At Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy I may help you uncover the possible causes of that depression and assist you to break the cycle of depression and make lasting changes at the subconscious level. Re-discover the joy of life!

Depression can only be diagnosed by it’s symptoms, there is no medical test for depression. These symptoms are varied and what one person experiences may be completely different for someone else. In general though, these are some common symptoms:

  • Loss of enjoyment of activities that used to bring joy and fun

  • Low mood for more than a few weeks

  • Poor concentration

  • Becoming somewhat anti-social

  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness

  • Appetite changes

  • Disrupted sleeping patterns

  • Sometimes even having suicidal thoughts

  • Loss of control over one’s life


Of course, just because you may have some or all of the above symptoms does not mean that you are depressed, although it can.

Anti-depressants are amongst some of the most commonly prescribed medications in the western world and for some people, these are literally a life saver, for others they may be less effective. Each person is uniquely different and needs to be treated as such.

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