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Emotional Decluttering

  • Are you carrying around years of emotional baggage?


I see so many people for various challenges, whether they be life issues or physical problems and many of them have some old uncleared emotion that causes them to act in a way they know is unhealthy and unhelpful or feel a certain way that is preventing them from moving forward in their lives.

It could be the procrastinator who won’t get started on a project for fear of failing. Or maybe it’s that ideal job that you just don’t go for because you feel you aren’t good enough. Maybe it is not even something that you’re aware of, you just know that you don’t feel your best self, maybe even a bit depressed for no apparent reason. It could even be a physical condition that you’re struggling to overcome.

Whatever it is, my guess is that there are some old experiences, events or traumas where the emotion has literally got stuck in the body and subconscious mind, and is possibly the hidden cause of that old problem.

It’s like trying to plant a new garden on a bed full of weeds. You need to get rid of the weeds for the new plants to flourish.


How can hypnosis and coaching help?


By “detoxing” the mind, reframing those old events and looking at them from a new perspective, you can release the trapped emotion and be free from those “weeds” allowing you to start moving forward in a positive, empowered way to achieve your goals and desired outcomes. I have a variety of highly effective techniques to help you get the results you want. And there is no need to re-experience any of that old stuff! In fact, I don’t even need to know the details. That’s the amazing thing with hypnosis, we can work mostly content free.

3 session program $440 (10% discount for online sessions)

Individual sessions - first session $195

Follow ups - $150

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