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Hypnosis for Sports Performance

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Would you like to be the best at your game? How about being the best team? Wonder how the top athletes do it?

Sports hypnosis can help those new to their sport and top, professional athletes alike. So just how can it help you? With the many brain training techniques and psychological interventions available in my sessions, anyone can improve their performance, in many ways like:

Building confidence

Improving Mental Toughness

Competition Preparation

Maintaining focus

Improving motivation

Dealing with self talk

Anxiety control

Performance enhancement

Technique rehearsal

Quantum Leap Hypnotherapy | Auckland - Hypnosis for Sports Performance
Sports hypnosis can help with ANY sport or performance!

Think back to one of your previous sports performances where you were on fire, executing the moves, the shots, the jumps, whatever it was for you, how did that make you feel? Sports hypnosis will teach you to access these states before the game or competition and anchoring these states so they're easy to access right when you need them! Along with all the other techniques, you can give 100% and get the results you are dreaming of.

If you would like a free talk to your team, call today to discuss how I can help you and your team!

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