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Will Hypnotherapy Help With Anxiety?

The short answer is YES!

In my Let Go of Anxiety Program, I teach a variety of techniques to overcome anxiety and panic attacks, worry and rumination, and general fear of the unknown.

I also like to help you find the root cause of that anxiety, which when resolved allows you to settle the nervous system and find peace and calm allowing you to move towards a happy, joyful life!

So what causes anxiety?

Our brains are hardwired to lean towards anxiety as a way of protecting ourselves, "back in the day" when there were wild animals to be worried about and things like that, this is perfectly understandable, however now we don't need to be anxious about those types of things now, so we need to learn ways to overcome the anxiety response when it's not appropriate.

There are 2 anxiety pathways in the brain, Cortex based anxiety and Amygdala based anxiety.

Cortex based anxiety is brought on by thinking, worrying etc, anything that is done with our pre-frontal cortex. Techniques that help you to change your thoughts (and resultant feelings) work wonderfully in this case.

Amygdala based anxiety is brought on by a trigger in our environment, usually one we're unaware of, and all we know is we suddenly feel anxious, with no apparent reason why. We then start thinking about why we could be feeling this way (here's where the cortex jumps in too) and then this thinking exacerbates the anxiety and well, you get the picture.

But why do I get triggered?

The short answer is - unresolved trauma.

There is Trauma with a capital T and trauma with a little t. Most of us, during our lives, and especially when we're children, have had some form of trauma (little t). I mean, even taking a favourite toy away from a toddler to give it a wash can be seen as traumatic, it doesn't necessarily mean that it IS traumatic, but the young child may see it this way. They then make a decision of some kind, let's say "I can't trust people with my things" and this sits just under the awareness, but has a major impact on how they perceive the world and how we feel about things. In this example, how we feel about people taking or borrowing our stuff might cause immense anxiety, and yet it's quite silly really, especially for unimportant things don't you think? And we have no idea why this scenario makes us feel anxious!

What about Trauma? This one is quite obvious, if you've been exposed to a violent upbringing, or had some major form of Trauma happen to you, it is understandable that you will have triggers, your brain is trying to protect you, and this is where trauma resolution work is so beautiful, so healing.

In all my one-on-one sessions we work with Trauma (and trauma) resolution so you can overcome those triggers and heal the part of you that was affected by the incident(s). We also work on Cortex based anxiety, because most people who have Amygdala based anxiety also have Cortex based anxiety.

Get in touch today if anxiety is holding you back from the life you want and deserve.

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